Absolutely! It is also important to know how many advantages there are to using an independent life insurance agent.  Independent life insurance agents at Pennington Financial Group do not sell exclusively for one company; instead, they have access to products from many different life insurance companies.

This market access is a tremendous advantage for consumers, especially those who want several quotes to compare. A Pennington Financial Agent can quote several different policies for a single buyer and shop their clients’ business when other companies introduce a competitive product.

Think about it as if you are buying a car.  Would you just shop at Ford for your new vehicle?  Or would you want to look at all your options – Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc. and compare models and pricing?

In addition, there is no substitute for personal attention. A distinct advantage that most independent life insurance agents have is that they are unbiased with regards to products, and working for YOU—buyers can pick up the phone, or send an email, and discuss all their life insurance needs with their life insurance provider.

Life insurance companies usually do not offer this kind of access and personal service.

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