Having the right amount of life insurance can provide your loved ones with the money they would need to get by in the event of your untimely passing. Life insurance may provide:

  1. money needed to cover your funeral expenses
  2. the ability to replace your monthly income
  3. the ability to fund your kids college educations.

There are two reasons why a person would want to apply for life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam. Some people do not qualify for life insurance because of an existing illness. Secondly, there are those who simply do not like going to the doctor even for a routine medical exam.

The good news — you can get life insurance without a required medical exam. Here’s how:

  • Consider signing up through your employer. There are basically two times when you are usually not required to answer health questions — when you choose life insurance for the first time at work or when it’s time to renew your benefits. However, if you apply for insurance any other time during the year, you may have to answer a health questionnaire. Also, when you select a lower amount of insurance, normally you will not have to answer any health related questions.
  • When you apply for an individual policy, you generally do not have to answer health questions. Most life insurance companies that provide this type of insurance are aware that most who apply may have a medical condition, otherwise they would invest in somewhere else.
  • Some companies provide life insurance policies that don’t involve medical exams. Usually, this type of insurance is at a lower rate. If you are in great health, you can still fill out the questionnaire and not have to worry about a medical exam. However, if you do have a health issue that is not life threatening, it is recommended that you invest in a traditional life insurance with health questions. Keep in mind, the overall cost will more than likely be higher than a healthy person.

The thought of having to go through a medical exam should not prevent you from applying for life insurance. It’s good to know that there are life insurance options available that doesn’t require a visit to the doctor’s office.

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