1. The price of life insurance is the same if you purchase it through an agent or buy the product directly from the life insurance carrier.
  2. Agents do not control the price. The life insurance companies set the price. Any agent can give you a price, but is not a firm price unless the case has been approved by the company. The underwriters can put you in up 12 different categories based on your health history.
  3. The only way to get the best price is to make the life insurance companies compete for your business. A good agent will show your every option available in your state.
  4. Make sure you understand all of the features of the life insurance plan you are buying.  Many agents only sell accidental death policies which are very inexpensive.  This is great if you only want an accidental death policy, but if you die from a medical illness you are out of luck.
  5. Many life insurance companies increase their premiums every year. Make sure you know the details regarding how long a policy will last and if the premiums will remain the same or go up.
  6. If you have certain pre-existing health conditions you can only apply to certain companies. Every life insurance company has different underwriting guides.  A knowledgeable life insurance agent  will  send your case to the right life insurance company based on any pre-existing condition you may have.
  7. A good agent will know market trends and have an idea which companies are more aggressively underwriting cases.