Life Insurance Quotes and Rates

What happens when you get a life insurance quote from Pennington Life Insurance Services?

I’ll give you direct access into my computer system so that you’ll be able to view the exact insurance quotes and rates that I’m able to view.

In fact, the system I have in place is the closest thing to you and I sitting in a room together discussing your insurance needs.

Many of my online competitors simply send your name and information along to multiple insurance agents.

You’ll get the convenience and speed of working with me online, without the hassle of going to an insurance agent’s office, or having them in your home.

Life insurance quotes and rates are often the same no matter where you search for a policy. What’s often not the same, is the level of service you get when working with various insurance agencies online.

Many of my online competitors simply send your name and information along to multiple insurance agents. We’re not in that business. When you request a quote for life insurance rates from Pennington Life Insurance Services, you’ll work directly with me, Jeff Pennington, company owner.

Call 1-877-221-6198 today and let me help you find the best insurance policy for your situation.

Jeff Pennington

Life Insurance Quotes and Rates for Diabetics

If your diabetes is under control, we can help you find life insurance to suit your needs.

  • If you have good blood glucose control, lead a healthy lifestyle, and do not have complications from diabetes, chances are your rate will be reasonable.
  • Apply for a policy with a life insurance company that uses clinical underwriting.
  • Keeping your diabetes under control may have a positive impact on your rates.

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Life Insurance Quotes and Rates for People
with Heart Disease

Getting life insurance after a heart attack often depends on how severe your heart attack was, and what you’ve done to prevent another heart attack.

  • Work on lowering your cholesterol, take prescribed medications, alter your diet, and keep track of your blood pressure.
  • Make sure that your doctor notes your progress in your medical records.
  • Your life insurance rates will be based on the progress you’ve made since your heart attack.

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Life Insurance Quotes and Rates for
Cancer Survivors

The majority of cancer patients survive for at least five years following a diagnosis, but they often have challenges when buying life insurance.

  • If you have a good prognosis, you may become eligible for a policy immediately or within a year or two of your diagnosis.
  • You may be able to request re-evaluation of your policy after a certain amount of time being “cancer free”.
  • Your life insurance rates will be based on the curability of your cancer.

Life Insurance Quotes for People with
Multiple Sclerosis

With mild or controlled MS, your options for getting decent rates on life insurance are almost as good as those for people in perfect health.

  • Policies that don’t require a medical exam, often look more at symptoms such as whether you’ve been hospitalized recently due to factors involving your MS.
  • Let your doctor know that you are applying for coverage and that an insurance company may contact them.
  • If you have an insurance agent that knows how and where to look for affordable rates, life insurance can often be found for acceptable prices.

Life Insurance Quotes for Families

Get life insurance rates for your entire family including:

  • Your spouse.
  • Eligible dependent children.
  • Your parents.

Life Insurance Quotes for Men

The average annual insurance rates for a $100,000 term life policy for a 50-year-old man is twice as expensive as the premiums quoted for male applicants age 20. No matter what your age, it pays to buy your policy now rather than wait.

  • Term insurance premiums can increase significantly at the end of any 5-year term.
  • Your health, including smoking status can increase your insurance rates.
  • If you’re considering marriage or children you owe it to your family to get insurance coverage now.

Life Insurance Quotes for Women

All things being equal, insurance rates for women are much less than they are for men. But just as with men, it pays to get your policy sooner rather than later.

  • Dual income households mean married women often need as much life insurance as men.
  • If you are a single mom, your family looks to you to provide for all their needs including insuring their future.
  • Having life insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your family’s financial needs will be met.

Getting Married and Need a Life Insurance Policy?

If you’re about to take the plunge, or if you’ve recently gotten married I can help you get a policy for your new life situation.

  • Dual income households mean both marriage partners need equal life insurance.
  • You’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough life insurance for your future family if you plan on having kids.
  • Buying a little extra coverage now can help you save money later.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Employer Sponsored Group Life Insurance Versus Personally Owned Individual Life Insurance

  • The price of  Group life insurance typically goes up every year. The initial life insurance premium can be very low, but as you get older the price can increase tenfold every year.
    The majority of individual life insurance premiums are fixed for the duration of the specific policy period.
  • Most Group life insurance policies will not allow you take your policy with you if you leave the company.  Some plans let you convert the coverage, but this can be very expensive.
    An individual policy is yours. Your employer can not take the policy away you.